More welding

Been using Helga regularly for the last few weeks, and all was going well. Fixed a few niggles along the way like the central locking on the boot and making a bushing to take the slack out of the clutch pedal.

Had a bit of a showstopper though, suddenly started getting a knock from the back so I investigated and found the shock has parted company with it’s mount.

Also, there was a hole in the back corner of the boot floor.

So, having just moved into a house with a garage again, I bought myself a 250 amp gas MIG welder and got to work.

Plus there was a patch in the boot floor. All acid etched, seam sealed and shcutz’d now, though I still need to paint the body areas in her Odoardo grey yet and refit the aero panels so she looks very mad max for now.

For a while there’s been a leak between the turbo and it’s elbow, which turns out is because the elbow has pitted quite badly. As a temporary fix I’ve made a thick copper gasket, but ultimately I’d like to do a 3″ downpipe.

Anyway, after all this I took her for a MOT on Monday which after an initial fail and quick tinker, she passed! Which is great news, because it was just in time for the Gold Cup at Oulton Park.

This year it was drama free apart from popping a boost hose yet again while trying to find out who’s fastest in the gang. Amazingly a chap came up who said he used to own Helga!

Other work done lately:

  • Fitted a decor panel (the bit between the rear lights, might take it back off, not sure I’m fussed)
  • Fitted the front seats that I refurbished way back.
  • Fitted a new old stock bonnet release cable – finally I can get my mole grips back
  • Fitted the bigger sump guard from later 900s
  • Fitted a LED running light in place of the broken boot light – bit silly bright but pretty effective.
  • Made a new parcel shelf from ply
This got covered in carpet

She’s running fine, so I’m going to keep using her for now but there’s plenty to do tidying wise. First up I think will be to sort the paint and refit the aero panels. There’s a slight whine in the box so I think at some point that’ll need changing, though it hasn’t got any worse. I’ve got a spare lined up for when the time comes.