Engine bay welding

Rust repair and and repainting my Saab 900’s engine bay

Since pulling the engine out, progress has been a bit slower than I’d hoped during lockdown but I’ve still got a fair chunk done.

The right driveshaft tunnel has had a repair patch before but now the arch above was pretty thin…

Then I cut out the battery tray since I’ve relocated it to the other side (before realising I could have simply unbolted it) which revealed quite a lot of thin metal. Decided I’d be best to cut out the box crash structure to do the repairs, so took a lot of measurements and did this:

There were a couple of other patches around the bay, such as the front crossmember:

You can see here the angle iron added for strength where metal was cut away for the front mount intercooler.

After that, time for paint!

I’ve also coated the underneath and arches with Bilt Hamber Dynax UB, which is a thick black wax, and injected their Dynax S-50 wax into the box sections, which is a much thinner consistency.