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Peggy the Dutton Legerra

Having just sold Peggy the 1989 Dutton Legerra, I thought I’d better document my time with her. I bought her in 2011 as my first car with a 2.0 EFI Pinto engine and 5 speed type 9 gearbox. Jumping from learning to drive in a modern car to a plastic kit car with non servo brakes took some serious adjustment. A previous owner had fitted seriously rock hard coilovers which made her handling really skittish, so I had plenty of scary moments.

I’ve lost track of the work I did on her, but it was mostly tidying her up and removing the LPG system that some previous owner had fitted.

For a while I ran some Allycat wheels

There was only one time her skittish nature really caught my out, and before I knew what was happening I’d clipped the curb at about 50mph.

This meant a broken lower arm (Escort mk2), bent upper wishbone (which was straightened and sleeved for strength) and a ruined tyre. It could have been much worse.

Anyway, she was a lot of fun and I’ll really miss the raw driving experience.