Paddle clutch

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve had no end of trouble getting a clutch to hold in Helga. After fitting the ball bearing turbo last year it was completely letting go any time the boost got to about 1.2 bar and instantly hitting the rev limiter. Once that happened on a drive, you’d had it and would have less and less grip from the clutch thereafter.

Finally with a track day at Mallory Park looming I bit the bullet and ordered a stage 3 paddle clutch from Black Diamond. It arrived about a week later, at which point I panicked because I realised a) the flywheel needed skimming for the warranty to be valid and b) the clutch needed 300+ miles of bedding in before being driven hard.

I timed myself removing the old clutch and in under 23 minutes it was off, including removing the bonnet on my own plus finding tools and a block of wood to hold the clutch pedal down! You can tell I’ve done this job way too many times now.

I’m still in the bedding in phase so can’t comment on it’s holding ability, but I was pleased that the driveability of the paddle clutch is almost the same as a regular clutch. The weight is pretty much the same and there’s just a tiny bit more snatchiness and propensity to judder in the take up. I was expecting horrors so that’s fine with me!